Welcome to Montezuma County

Montezuma County's economy is divided between tourism, agriculture and the supply of governmental services. The manufacturing, distribution, and external delivery of services sectors are relatively small. For a company considering locating in Montezuma County, the economic structure of the county is important because of the "big fish in a small pond" syndrome. That is, because of the relative impact of even a twenty person company moving into the area, the private and public powers in the county stand at the ready to assist in whatever ways necessary to aid and abet the relocation of a company to Montezuma County.

The small, owner-managed businesses which have located in Montezuma County have found the area to be a very good place to conduct business and have been extremely happy with the quality of life that brought them here in the first place.

A similar factor is at play in the labor market. Though there is not a large pool of highly skilled workers, there are adequate trainable people available, who once trained for a higher paying job, are more likely to stay with their job as there are not a lot of opportunities in the area for high paying jobs. The employee is particularly valuable because he has been trained by the employer in the preferred way by the employer and doesn't have previous issues from a former employer that are unacceptable now. The vocational/technical school and the community college are prepared to offer special courses as requested by an employer just for this case.