The Number One Issue Sellers Face

How do I price my house to sell?

That seems to be on the mind of every seller in this volitile market right now. How do I know how to price my home to attract the buyer without giving it away?

Maybe you are selling to upgrade, maybe moving out of state or across town for work, maybe it's time to retire to your dream home. Whatever the reason for the sale of your Montezuma and Dolores County real estate, you don't want that process to drag on for months. So how do you know how to price your home in this crazy market?

First of all - Take a look around. Not just your neighborhood, but around town. Find similar homes on the market and what they may have that you don't have or features your home boasts that others do not. Check their price. You want to be competative but reasonable. We are not in the market of giving away our homes but you don't want to sit on it for months either.

There is always that random home that is priced so far below market value it just brings down all the others. What you hope is that they go off the market fairly quickley bringing your home back in the running.

Have a trusted friend or neighbor check out your home and give their honest opinion of what they would pay for it. What features does your home have that sets it apart from others in the same price range? Is your home priced way out of the market? Or are you the lowest in your neighborhood. All these factors play a part in pricing your home just right. We aware though that in a buyers market there will be some negotiating so try not to go down to your lowest price right away but give some room to play. Not too much though and be completely out of buyer's budget.

For more information on pricing your Montezuma and Dolores County Colorado real estate just right and getting tips and staging ideas give us a call. I offer a no obligation consulatation on your home's value.

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