Welcome to Dolores County

History tells of numerous doves in the area that gave Dove Creek it's name. Home to natives and trade commerce Dolores County the Stokes brothers built the first retail store in western Dolores County in 1912. The building became the nucleus of Dove Creek over 90 years ago. The Stokes brothers also built the building that later became the Dolores County Courthouse. It still proudly stands on the southwest corner of Main Street and Highway 491.

This magnificent recreation area is located 8 miles east of Dove Creek on Bureau of Land Management land. The area includes an absolutely spectacular view of the Dolores River and overnight camping is permitted. Fire pits, picnic tables, and primitive restrooms are available. This is one of our County’s best hidden secrets.

With numerous Creeks and Trails the outdoor activities are literally endless. Trails include: 9 mile Fish Creek Trail, Mavresso Trail, Fall Creek Trail rising almost 3000 feet in altitude, Geyser Springs Trail with activity about every 30-40 minutes, Horse Creek Trail, Navajo Lake Trail for seasoned hikers and Scotch Creek Toll Trail.

Arid sandstone canyons to snow covered mountain peaks along with rugged pine covered forests and rushing rivers provide a unique and diverse population of wildlife that can be found in very few other places besides Dolores County. People visiting Dolores County often come solely for the purpose of enjoying the diverse, and large amount of wildlife.

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