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Buying Montezuma and Dolores County Real Estate

When buying real estate in the Montezuma and Dolores Counties, there is really no better choice representation than Terry McCabe.

Because I live here, I know the area. I know what areas have the best schools, parks, city life or peace and quiet. Whatever you're looking for, I can help determine the right area for you. I will help find the right home that fits your criteria and your lifestyle.

Buying a home, especially the first time, can be a scary and sometimes stressful ordeal. But I like to treat people with the same dignity and customer service that I like to receive so I will make sure your transaction is as smooth and hassle free as possible.

This website is an excellent place to start your search of all Cortez real estate and the entire Montezuma and Dolores County area. OR, you are welcome to email me or call me anytime and I will do the searching for you. Once you have found a home or property you like, I can help guide you through all the purchase and sale contracts and procedures and answer any questions that may come up along the way. I will help with inspections, appraisals, and closing and hope I can make every step along the way easy and trouble free.

Everybody harbors dreams of owning a house. Some of us end up achieving that dream by buying the perfect house. We spend years there, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, cutting cake, sharing meals and many memories. All our photographs may be placed in different spans of time, but the setting remains the same. Others among us are content to be living in rented homes for their entire lives. By doing this we save up a great deal in banks, mutual funds, and other kinds of investment. We can still experience many enjoyable times. Even the act of moving from house to house can be a lot of fun. However, buying or not buying a house is a question of choice. And this choice may be available to only a lucky few. There are many among us who dream of owning a house someday. Unfortunately, not many have the funds to turn that dream into a reality.

But that does not mean that we should give up on our dream of eventually becoming landlords. The world has changed a great deal. Even people with limited means now have the ability to buy the house they have been dreaming of. Buying a house may be a difficult feat if one does not have too much of savings. But it is not necessarily an impossible feat. The banks of today are ever ready to provide interested people with a suitable mortgage. And if you cannot get enough money from the bank, look to some of the other financial institutions instead. With the loan markets being the way they are, securing a loan is a lot easier today.

Thank you for choosing my website and my service for your Montezuma County real estate search. I look forward to helping you in your buying adventures!

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